Reasons Why Personalised Christmas Baubles Make Great Christmas Gifts


Reasons Why Personalised Christmas Baubles Make Great Christmas Gifts

As soon as September / October rolls around every year, people attentions start turning to the festive season and what gifts they might want to buy for their loved ones. People turn to google and start asking questions like ‘best Christmas gifts for men’, ‘Best Christmas gifts for dad’s’, ‘Best Christmas gifts for pets’ and the list goes on.

Usually, all these people are trying to find is something that is thoughtful, lasting and would be appreciated by the receiver.

Personalised Christmas Baubles, can answer all these concepts while at the same time being cheap and cheerful. Christmas baubles are great because they are come out of the box every year and onto the Christmas tree for all the family to see. If treated well, the same bauble may be used on the family tree for many decades to come.

Some of the Reasons our Customers Personalise Christmas Baubles

1. To commemorate the passing of a loved one

The passing of a loved one is a sad and tough time for all the family. Having someone their like mum or grandpa and losing them completely out of your life can be confronting and painful.

Some of our customers like to commemorate their loved ones by using a personalised christmas bauble to hang on the family tree. Some examples of personalised messages  “Grandpa 1940-2018” or “Mum 1951-2017”. Included messages are up to 20 characters long however, On some of our bigger baubles it is possible for us to add an extra 20 character message as optional.

2. To Celebrate the birth of a child

Nothing makes the family prouder and brings everyone together than a new birth. Life is something to be celebrated so why not do it with a personalised bauble. Hanging a named bauble from the tree every year the child grows up is a great way to remember a significant time in everyone’s lives. examples:

“Remi 2017”

“Harvey 2018”

This gift would suit any member of the family or friends to buy for the mother or baby for christmas. A gift that will be around for years to come.


3. Christmas Gift for your Pet

I know this may sound silly for some people, but pet owners consider their companions as part of the family and loved as much as anyone else. Most people would be surprised, but Christmas gifts for pets are a considerable portion of our bauble sales. Some reasons customers like to get their pet a Christmas bauble include:

  • Just got a new pet (eg “Rover 2018”)
  • The death of a pet (eg “Nala 2011-2018 – Gone but not forgotten)

4. A New Relationship

Finding a new ‘love of your life’ partner is a big thing for most folks and something special that can be celebrated with a bauble on your family christmas tree. It might not just be for a romantic relationship, but something more platonic like a best friend or close partnership. Some examples of a personalised bauble to represent the same would be:

  • Jess and Matt 2017
  • jayde and steve  – married 2018

5. Sports teams Wins / Defeats

Team sports really bring people together with a sense of purpose and common goal. Winning a Grand Final, or even being Minor Premiers are both recognizable achievements in their own right and are something the team would celebrate as a group. Some personalised Christmas bauble examples are:

  • sharks 2018 – Premiers
  • Bears 2018 – Minor Premiers
  • Hawks 2018 – Grand final winners

6. Employment – Workplace Achievement

Many employers will call us asking to print a company logo on our baubles to give to their employees. Unfortunately, as all our messages are individually hand painted we don’t have the electronic printing tools available to do this, we can, however, customise our baubles with a company-specific message. This may be to recognize a team achievement from throughout the year, an attained goal or to recognise an individual effort within the company. Some examples are:

  • John – Highest Sales 2018
  • Decom team 2018
  • Merry Christmas team 2018

7. Individual achievement

There are so many goals and ambitions you or your loved ones may have set out to achieve at the start of the year or may have been working on for several years. Success should always be celebrated and remembered as a time in your life where hard work paid off. Anyone, either friend or family could surely think of someone who set out to achieve something significant in their life and succeeded. why not buy them a bauble to celebrate. some examples are:

  • Shayne – Marathon 2018
  • Nick – Lost 55kg – 2018
  • jenny – scholar 2018

8. Christmas Gift for your Teacher

After spending 12 months with a teacher, both kids and students may well have become very fond of their teacher and formed great relationships. many of our customers are searching for gifts they can show their appreciation with, that is both thoughtful and reasonably priced. Our baubles fit the bill nicely, here are some examples:

  • Thank you Mrs B – Alex 2018
  • Merry xmas Mr H – Rob 2018

These are just some examples we have seen commonly over the years, but in reality, you can personalise, celebrate, commemorate, or appreciate with any custom message you want.

As we mentioned, all our baubles are individually handpainted, so they feel warm and authentic. All you need to do is scroll through our range of premium quality pre-printed Christmas scene or plain design baubles, select the one you are after and add your message. All baubles are shipped in an attractive box, but you can also add premium Christmas wrapping as an option if you would like to ship the gift directly to your friends or loved ones



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